McMinn Company, LLC brings to the table a broad range of theoretical and practical knowledge, combined with professionalism and effective negotiating strategies to provide timely and effective solutions.
McMinn Company, LLC does not engage in corporate contracts with insurance companies and never will.  We are advocates of the consumer whether it is estimating in a simple insurance claim or being an expert witness in a courtroom.
For those engaging in a project with one of our peers, we offer anything from the comprehensive 3rd party oversight of a project manager to a simple review of an estimate to ensure you are receiving the best product for your money. 
We live in a world of do-it-yourselfers.  For those of you considering undertaking a project small or large and in need of a little advice we will be there for you.  Building your own home can be a cost effective and a very rewarding experience that can turn into a nightmare if not executed properly.  Whether it is a one hour meeting to fine tune your game plan or a weekly site visit to ensure quality and code compliance, we will proudly extend our knowledge to assist you.

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